2023 Festival of Darkness Schedule

May we present to you, the films and filmmakers of the 2023 Detroit International Festival of Darkness (in screening order):

“La Nueva (The Newcomer)” – Ivan Villamel (2022 Spain 15:00)
Maria is the new teacher who arrives at an old religious school and an unexpected event will turn the classroom into hell.

“Poppet” – Dan Raymond (2021 Michigan 03:36)
A short film about the horrors of those who hold grudges for the smallest of actions.

“Firstborn” – Thomas Butcher (2022 Michigan 10:08)
A decision made in a moment of despair leads to further agony down the wooded path. In this dark twist of an old fairy tale, love is only a reason for the darkness to prevail.

“Decorator” – Ramil Muradov, Nadir Aliyev (2019 Azerbaijan 06:09)
No matter what the answer to the question is, the true answer can only be known by the one who came up with the question.

“The Traveller” – Carter Ferguson (2023 United Kingdom 11:00)
All salesman Elliot wants to do is get back to his family, but on Christmas Eve, an ancient evil has other plans.


“The Legend of Morrow Road” – Tim Shechmeister (2023 Michigan 15:30)
Two young women perform a dare at a legendary Michigan bridge, where a woman froze to death while searching for her lost child.

“SKINWALKER” – Daimein Parmelee (2023 Michigan 01:34)
A teenager left alone while his mother is out of town realizes an eerie discovery…

“IVI ELV” – Luigi Scarpa (2022 Italy 11:31)
A man regains consciousness somewhere unknown and claustrophobic. Dazed and confused, he begins to wander its dark corridors, but a series of visions will force him to deal with a far worse reality…

“SMRT Services” – Jeff Vande Zande (2023 Michigan 02:09)
It was the strangest ride share service he’d ever experienced.

“The Way Back” – Michelle Blumenau (2022 Michigan 10:17)
A man wakes up and meets two strangers trapped inside a room with no windows, a locked door, a timer and a gaping hole in the floor.

“The Final Blink” – Ronny Strehmann (2022 Germany 02:57)
When a mere blink is about to seal your fate.

“Unwelcome” – David Mair (2023 Minnesota 04:03)
While running from the police, a criminal seeks refuge by breaking into a home.

2023 Detroit International Festival of Darkness

Saturday October 7th 2023 – The Narthex – Detroit

Festival of Darkness 2023 Selections

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