2022 Festival of Darkness Schedule

May we present to you, the films and filmmakers of the 2022 Detroit International Festival of Darkness (in screening order):

“Dark Hallway” – Eric Winick (2022 New York 1:30)
A nightmare set in a hallway.

“ATRIUM” – Alako Myles (2020 Australia 5:41)
An individual loses themself from a vast, natural landscape into increasingly darkened and claustrophobic environments, eventually leading to a point of realisation.

“A Machine For Boredom” – Marc Cartwright (2020 California 3:14)
Isolation drives a man to rethink his position within a capitalistic society.

“teleVision Quest” – Terence Cover (2016 Michigan 4:50)
An experimental short about apathy, obsession and television.

“Luccica” – Jesse McAnally (2020 Michigan 10:30)
In this modern opera, a couple eagerly enter their married lives by renovating an old Victorian they hope will become their home.

“Respirations” – Rémi Tournier (2022 France 4:47)
In a burning world, wrecked by pollution, a survivor is heading toward his final destination.

“Trail” – Maxwell Seiler (2022 New Jersey 13:55)
A bird-watching trip turns into a nightmare as an entity stalks through the forest.

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“Gnaw” – Rosalee Yagihara (2022 Canada 7:10)
As romantic tensions consume Cote and her girlfriend, a pesky hangnail triggers a downward spiral into obsession.

“Phonetrip” – Miriam Muraca (2022 Italy 1:25)
A young girl’s nightmare trip into the social networks’ world. How many likes do we need to log out, once we’ve logged in?

“The Culling” – Cuyle Carvin (2022 Georgia 8:00)
Amidst a global extinction event, two survivors seek to find help while contemplating what went wrong.

“Witchy Woman” – Martin Malinov (2022 Bulgaria 4:14)
She has been receiving nasty looks her whole life and her dark, twisted mind runs free as her nightmare imaginations come to life.

“Negative Space” – Jake Weber, Heather Irvine (2019 Michigan 7:56)
The demeanor of a solitary man begins to erode after a toy he’s ordered arrives at his home.

“In the Dark” – Roman Duneshenko (2022 Russian Federation 5:00)
A manifesto against the authorities that restrict the freedom of a person and punish for their desires.

“Extended Warranty” – Thomas Angeletti (2022 United States 2:31)

“The Witching Hour” – Abigail Brenker (2022 New York 3:53)
A woman is haunted during the night by a spirit in her home.

2022 Detroit International Festival of Darkness

Saturday October 1st 2022 – The Narthex – Detroit

Festival of Darkness 2022 Selections

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